Tough Wilmington Wildcats leave Lions with ‘no chance’

Lisle, IL – On Friday, October 7, 2022, Lisle High School’s JV and Varsity football teams were defeated by Wilmington High School at Benedictine University Football field. 

Around 7 pm, the LHS Varsity football team took the field hoping to take down the Wilmington Wildcats.

Lisle’s running back and cornerback, Senior Casey Rosenberg, described the game as “not too bad but not good”, despite their loss. 

“We improved from the last time we played them and our defense played well,” Rosenberg disclosed. 

The game ended with a final score of 32-6. Rosenberg added, “I mean it always sucks to lose and I hate losing. But, we still played well so you can’t be mad”  

Though the Lions lost their game, they had a lot of support from the cheer team, dance team, band, and a host of kids in the students’ section. 

Lisle’s JV wide receiver (#47), Patrick stated, “Wilmington is one of our toughest schools, the first time we played them, they were good the second time they were okay but of course, they still won.”

Lisle’s coach Daniel Sanko, honestly and respectfully stated, “We already got beat by them the first time pretty bad, so we had no chance of winning.”