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OnePride: Hit or Miss?


Lisle High School implemented a new program this year called One Pride Period which occurs on Wednesdays three times a month. There has been much controversy regarding the time placement it had been implemented. Students went from a 1:55 PM dismissal getting out early every Wednesday to getting out at regular time. 

Study tables have been implemented for the past few years but have been modified and moved to be set within the school day. Study tables were implemented for students to complete their work after school with the teacher’s help. 

The same concept holds with One Pride but with some alterations. One Pride was moved to benefit more students, specifically TCD students. TCD students would arrive when study tables would end, leaving them with no time to catch up on work, if any. 

TCD senior Ruby Gonzalez said, “ It made it easier to retake/make up tests since now it can happen during the day and I don’t have to set aside time after school. Especially if you don’t have a study hall in your schedule. Before, we would have like 15 minutes because it ended at 3, and by the time you made it in and got the test and everything, it was over.” 

Another outlook on One Pride comes from a student not enrolled in TCD, senior Fatima Tenario, who said, “ I didn’t use study tables last year. I didn’t feel I had a need for it. I think it is redundant for those who have study hall, but maybe if you have a lot of homework, you need two study halls.” 

On One Pride Wednesdays, every student who has a study hall will report to the library during that period’s study hall hour. Ms. Brady, our library media specialist, noticed a change in how students react to One Pride/Quiet Study Hall. 

“Students were complaining about it, but now it seems kids are doing work who normally wouldn’t.”

For senior Sydney Sammarco she feels OnePride has limited her choices. “I liked getting out early and now I have to stay. I like study tables better because you can meet with multiple teachers. Almost every teacher would stay last year. You could meet with however many you want but now you must sign up for a specific teacher.” 

Many opinions relate to the new shift, both positive, neutral, and negative, depending on each individual’s needs and outlook. Only time will tell if it sticks around. 


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