Are Lisle High School students prepared for the SAT?

Every year the question arises, are the juniors prepared for the SAT? The students at Lisle High School have been preparing for the SAT in various ways for April 12th.

The different programs include enrolling in an SAT prep course after school, or an at-home program, they could also opt out of any prep course.

To understand how the junior class was feeling, a poll was sent out, “Are you prepared for the SAT?”. 

The poll taken at lisle high school had 65 responses from the junior class, (about 66% of the juniors). About 57% of students are taking a prep course for the SAT, and 43% are not. 

Many students said they took the prep course to understand the material of the SAT better.

“It helped me by giving me information on the little tricks and methods you can have to make questions easier, especially if you don’t know how to do them”, said one of the students that took the poll. 

Another student that took the in-school prep course, Jossie Smith, said “I didn’t trust myself to do it on my own”.  

Of those who didn’t take the prep course, a large percentage said they were “somewhat” prepared for the SAT.

Junior Rubí Gonzalez decided to opt out of the prep course, but did note: “It was nice to have a dedicated time to practice test timing and skills [in structured practices during the class].”

A critical viewpoint was to check how important the SAT was to the students. This could be an indication of whether the students are taking a prep course and their preparation for the SAT. The results concluded that approximately 55% of students felt the SAT was important. 

Something to note is that some who took a prep course felt the SAT was “not really” important. 

Some suggestions from the junior class of Lisle High School, to help them prepare for the SAT were: more practice tests, for math no calculator and calculator, timing, grammar, and additional prep packets

All and all, the junior class, when asked if they are ready for the SAT responded, “Yes – somewhat”.